We now live in a culture that prefers the authentic, the organic, the homemade and homegrown, the approachable, the touchable, the human and the natural. These things seem to offer us the ethos of goodness minus the boundaries and parameters of the biblical definitions of sin. In order to speak to this post-Christian generation and cause them to consider a life committed to Christ,  we need men and women who are committed to five ministerial characteristics  in I Thes. 2:2-10.

Paul in I Thes. 2:2-10 laid down five character traits of “effective ministers of the Gospel”, which are listed below.

  1. Courage. Every minister of the Gospel must be courageous in their delivery of the Gospel message. He “must not” preach to please the audience, he must preach to “please God.” He” must not” use flattery in order to receive a “big honorarium.”  He must not be “greedy for money.” He must not seek “the praise of men.”
  2. Gentle. He must be as “gentle towards the audience” as a mother who carries her children.
  3. Love. The motive of sharing the Gospel and the motive of interacting with the people must be “that of love” , the love that Christ showed the entire world.
  4. Hard Work. In ministry there are a number of temptations, but the greatest of these are “sexual, financial, and laziness.” It’s imperative that the minister not fall prey to temptations, but especially these temptations as they have brought down many wonderful ministers and well as their ministries.
  5. Holiness. Every minister must “strive to be holy, righteous and blameless” in both their private and public life.

As a minister of the Gospel, one must never forget, WHO called them, why HE called them and the account that they will most certainly given to the One who called them.



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